What's In A Name?

In Norse mythology, Freyja was the daughter of Odin (or Njord) and Frigga. She is identified with the goddess of love and beauty. Frejya wore a unique suit or dress that allowed her to fly like a Frigate bird from Asgard. (This may be a link between her name and the ability to jump.) She is the sister of Freyr, and originally one of the Vanir.
The Vanir was one of two groups of Gods in Norse Mythology-the other being the Ęsir. The name "Frejya" itself means "lady". It has been stated that Freya's name is homonymous with the Goddess, meaning that it has a different meaning.

In the Italian version of the game, her name is 'Freija', and 'Freyja' in the French version. In the original Japanese version, it's 'Freija' (or the original romaji, 'Furaiya').
Additionally, Freya shares her surname with Lucrecia of Final Fantasy VII.